Gelato Base Products

To produce high quality artisan ice-cream, you must start from an excellent basis or neutral ingredient.
The basis, a mix of natural ingredients wisely mixed and worked with modern technologies, confers creaminess, texture and softness to the ice-cream.

Ready Mixed Powder For Gelato

Easy and quick, ready mixed line allows to obtain delicious ice-creams, reducing the production time created to satisfy the needs of the most delicate palates and keeping unaltered the high quality of artisan ice-cream.

Cream Powder

Butter cream is ideal for decorating or filling cakes, cupcakes, capuccini.

Flavoring Pastes For Gelato And Pastry

The pastes are compounds made with dry or fresh fruit, natural extracts or concentrated juices, aromas and other extremely high quality ingredients, all wisely selected and worked using the most modern technologies.

Cream Spread - Golose - Topping Sauces Selection

Spreadable creams created to enrich and customize your ice cream, ideal for the preparation of Cremini.

Cream Powder for Soft Serve

Preparations for soft ice creams, tasty and easy to use.

Granita / Slush Powder

Ready concentrated products and syrups for slush.

Cone Powder

Powder preparation for making crunchy and crumbly ice cream cones.